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These are a few of my favorite things

As I think about this statement, there are millions of things that come to my mind. I love life and love to stay busy filling each day with as much as possible. You only live once, right? Growing up on a farm, I acquired a love for animals, gardening, home cooked meals, nature and wide open spaces. I also love people, community, and building relationships. All of these things are 'loves' for me and I feel truly blessed to be able to go through my adult life experiencing these things daily. I have found that they take work and have to be a priority in order to fully enjoy them.

Take gardening, nothing gives me more joy then going out and seeing my garden this time of year when all the produce is plentiful. But it didn't get that way over night. Part of the joy comes from knowing how much work and sweat I have put into getting the garden to that point. In the months prior, I have had to be intentional about setting aside time to work in the garden and now I am able to reap the benefits. On a beautiful September evening, I love to walk though the vines and tomato plants, wine in hand, and feel the joy and peace after a long day. It's like I'm on a mini vacation.

Or maybe it's cooking! How easy is it to throw together a healthy, 4-5 course meal for your family when you've been running all day. Nearly impossible!! It takes planning out ahead of time and a little time management, but nothing feels better that sitting around the table with my family and enjoying a healthy meal together. It takes being intentional about doing things that make you feel important and good about yourself.

Chickens are a new favorite thing for me! It wasn't easy at first. My husband and family thought I was crazy (hence, the reason I'm called the crazy chicken lady) and I spent a lot of time planning and building a place for them. But my love for animals and desire to have farm-to-table food kept driving me. Now everyone loves my chickens, especially the delicious eggs they give us. I see my kids playing with the chickens and learning a sense of responsibility as they help with chores and it beings me joy. I have to be intentional about taking that 5-10 minutes at dusk to go out and enjoy what I love.

Goats are next on the agenda, by the way!!!

That's my dream for bREak. An escape from everyday life where women can come to RElax, REfresh, and find out how to enjoy their 'loves' daily, in the midst of their busy, chaotic lives. I know some women that will need to spend their time at the lodge trying to remember what their loves are. We can tend to let busyness take over and forget what it is that gives us joy! I believe there isn't a better place in the world to find peace and serenity and to clear your head then walk down an old dirt road, just you and your thoughts.

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