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Journey to the flight!

11 years ago, I heard a speaker sharing on sex slavery. Having an abolitionist mind and realizing that slavery wasn’t abolished but in fact larger than it has ever been, I decided I needed to do something! I was at that time a director of a woman’s group and lead events in our community, so when I heard the speaker say that some rescued women were making products to sell for a start in a new life my heart leapt knowing that I amongst many other women, know how to shop! I quickly got connected and purchased products to sell at my next women’s event. At that event, I sold out all the product I had purchased and knew this had to keep going. I joined forces with the campaign that brought in the speaker I heard and have been purchasing, developing and providing opportunity for sales for these beautiful women needing hope in a future. I have traveled and met these women in India, Spain, Nepal and connected with others in Eastern Europe. Throughout these years I have also connected with other women wanting to help women, including my cousin Tami! So in an effort to build this opportunity for women to a larger, more sustainable model, Tami and I have been working on product and business development by developing a brand and an outlet for these beautiful sourced products. We are excited to introduce you to our brand, Beauty REnewed, and the bRE Loft Shop! Bringing the message of hope, dignity, strength and REnewal to our world of beautiful women is our calling! Partnering with you as a consumer to bring change to our world is our mission! So lets celebrate that WE ALL ARE ‘beauty REnewed’ and declare I AM BRE!

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