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Continuing the adventure!

We have now been working on beauty REnewed and bRE products for over a year. We are about to launch our website and start our monthly pop-up shops. I can't wait!

We have been designing and hand picking each and every product and it's packaging. It's been more challenging than I was expecting, but I'm learning more than I ever imagined I would. Turns out I don't know nearly as much about running a business as I thought I did! Thankfully I love learning new things and if it's not a challenge, I get bored!

I remember a year ago, thinking that retreats were going to be our first big thing, but because we don't have full control over what happens in our lives/businesses, God changed our plans.

I was privileged to go to Costa Rica and Lisa had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala, India, Spain and Portugal over this past year. In doing so, our product line has become our top priority. We've met women who weave with a back loom all day, just to feed their families. Women that have been rescued from the red light districts that are working to stay off the streets and out of that lifestyle. And women with the same desire as us- to help other women! These talented women are making high-quality, amazing items and we want to partner with them to bring these products to the rest of the world!

Women helping Women!! Helping others is ultimately what this life is all about!

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