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I am bRE!

While walking on a dirt road with a rescued woman in Nepal, I discovered what would be a very inspirational . . . weed. Yes, a weed! It was thistly, very unapproachable, and I was sure it would sting and cause pain if touched. I looked around and they were everywhere, some of them blooming. My thoughts on the plant were interrupted when the beautiful woman walking with me said ‘that weed is me!’ I immediately said ‘oh, no that is not true!’ She said, ‘It’s okay, it looks like something unwanted, but if you refine the plant it becomes a beautiful textile like linen. If you cook it, it can provide nutrition and value for health.’ She looked at me grinning from ear to ear, continuing to explain how she was once unwanted with no value but then renewed with opportunity, skill training, and hope of a future. She WAS beauty renewed! I remembered this outing as Beauty Renewed began to take shape. It made so much sense to make it part of our brand and so our logo shows two sisnu-urtica dioica, or stinging nettle leaves, above our name – beauty Renewed: bRE. This is our declaration . . . that we will continue to provide opportunity to help those in this process of renewal and give you, our customers, an opportunity to purchase these lovely products and partner with us as we fight human trafficking!

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