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I AM beauty REnewed.

Lisa Christopherson

Founder and CEO

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While walking on a dirt road in Nepal alongside a woman coming out of slavery, I noticed what would be a very inspirational weed. Yes, a weed! Appearing thistly and unapproachable, this weed was certain to sting if touched. As I looked around further, I realized this weed was everywhere, and some of them were blooming. My thoughts were interrupted when the beautiful woman walking with me said, "that weed is me." I immediately said, "oh, no that is not true!" She said, "It’s okay, I know it looks like something unwanted, but if you refine it, it becomes a beautiful textile like linen; and if you cook it, it can provide nutrition for your health." At this point she was grinning from ear to ear, continuing to explain how she was once unwanted with no value but had been renewed with opportunity, skill training, and hope of a future.

She WAS beauty, renewed!

I remembered this outing as the Beauty Renewed brand began to take shape. It made so much sense to include this weed as part of our logo. So, there you have it, the story behind the two stinging nettle leaves (sisnu-urtica dioica) that sit above above our name – bRE.

This is our declaration: we will continue to provide help for women in the process of renewal while giving you, our customer, the opportunity to partner with us by purchasing lovely products; all in an effort to fight human trafficking wherever it exists, whether in a great American city or along a dusty road in Nepal!


Beauty REnewed products are purchased to support financial prosperity among people at high risk and those freed from human trafficking. Each purchase supports the projects and companies that employ vulnerable victims.


U COUNT partners with front line organizations in five countries to provide a sustainable and alternative income for women who are at risk or who have come out of the sex industry. By selling their handcrafted products through the direct trade model these women can experience a new life.



The Freedom Supply Chain is a partnership between U COUNT and Beauty REnewed, LLC. This partnership provides a sustainable supply chain and sales outlets for those affected by human trafficking. 

U COUNT, a 501c3 non-profit funded by donations and the sales of products, utilizes bRE for product design, curation, and a much needed sales channel.

Beauty REnewed (bRE) develops and defines products with the sites employing at risk women including victims of human trafficking.



Over 13 years ago, Lisa started on a journey to fight human trafficking through purchasing products from victims and providing opportunity to keep them out of the horrific crime scourging our world. Using a non-profit volunteer base, we have been able to purchase over $800,000 of products made by the individuals. Over the years Lisa realized the need for long term sustainability and it sparked a conversation with Tami, Lisa’s "sister cousin", and beauty REnewed was established. The brand purchases products from the nonprofit and other partners involved in the same journey.  See our partnership page for more info! 

In 2020, due to COVID-19, many trafficked individuals have been displaced and are looking for hope through the opportunity to work. We recognized the call to take action regarding this injustice that is rocking our world. A speedy and effective response is needed! The more products we sell, the more products we can purchase from the networks we support, allowing us to help more women with gainful, steady employment.


Beauty REnewed has also recognized the need to offer this opportunity to women in the United States. The vocational workshops launched November, 2020 in Northern Colorado and will be starting in 2021 in South Dakota. For more information and products developed in the US see our workshop page.


Please join us by sharing our story and making purchases that create opportunity in for those we stand for in our fight. 

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